Drinking Buddies

I figured I’d make a page with links to all my favorite people, places and things.

Places I drink:

Sugar Mama’s – I’m the beer manager here and make sure we only have the best. Come check us out at 135 S. Gay Street in Downtown.

Central Flats and Taps– A great spot for craft beer drinking in Knoxville. Located in the Happy Holler district, they have an incredible staff, top notch food and host a weekly Thursday night run. It also helps that many of my friends in the beer industry such as brewery and distributor staff hang out there. With that sort of regular clientele, you know there are going to have one of the best beer selections in town.

Downtown Grill and Brewery / Woodruff Brewing Company (Downtown Knoxville) THIS is my home away from home. They brew traditional English and German style ales. I really like the staff, the food and the beer. 8 out of 10 times when I go to Knoxville, it’s here. Upstairs is where I’ll be.

Bearden Beer Market. (Knoxville) A great beer store with an amazing variety of beers. They have an outside biergarden, a special events room you can rent, and they also host a weekly 5k fun run on Mondays at 6:30. I always run with them on Monday evenings. They are open 365 even on holidays. Follow them on twitter @BeardenBeerMrkt

The Casual Pint– The original location is in Bearden and they have one next to the Hotel Oliver on Union Avenue in Downtown. Follow them on Twitter @TheCasualPint

The Bistro at the Bijou (Downtown Knoxville). My favorite part about the Bistro is their Saturday and Sunday morning brunch. I think they have the best brunch in Knoxville. They also have a bar. It’s another place that I’ll go to every once in a while for a beer.  Cool place with great decor.

Drinking buddies:

Three Bears Coffee. My man Jeff is a great coffee roaster and all around cool dude. He roast his beans in South Knoxville and only uses fair trade organic coffees. To say he knows his stuff would be an understatement. On Saturday mornings, I roll out of beer, throw on clothes and head straight for his little gypsy wagon at the Market Square Farmer’s Market to get me a cup of sweet wake up juice.

Tennessee Valley Homebrewers. A great club full of people who like to brew their own beer. Everyone for the curious to the beginner and those in the “Advance” stage of home brewing knowledge and experience are welcome. This is a dues based organization, but well worth joining. Membership perks include volunteering at the Knoxville Brewers Jam, attending meetings where beer is shared (the club usually picks up the food tab if it’s out in public), a lending library, access to our helpful email list/ brain trust and participating in our BAMO (Big Ass Malt Order) several times a year where you can purchase grains at wholesale cost.

Knox Beer Snobs. This is a great local beer blog that is as entertaining as it is informative. Started by Rob and Don, they touch on everything from local beer events to beer reviews. Definitely worth checking out.

Market Street Vegan– A website based in Downtown Knoxville for those interested in the Vegan lifestyle or just want to eat healthier.

Beer Festivals I attend:

Brewhibition– Knoxville’s Spring time craft beer festival which I help organize. Really fun prohibition theme with great music, beer cocktails and more.

Knoxville Brewer’s Jam. Knoxville’s first and biggest beer festival. Takes place each year in October at The World’s Fair Festival Lawn. It’s fine the 1st hour then it degenerates into a complete and utter shit show. Very poorly run, skip it if you can. It’s just one big frat boy “let’s get drunk” party.

The Thirsty Orange Beer Extravaganza– Takes place every April in Johnson City , TN. One of my favorite festivals that gets bigger and better each year. I am involved in the festival in various capacities.

Beer City Festival– Every June in Downtown Asheville. This is the ending event of Asheville Beer Week.

Kingsport Oktoberfest– Held near the end of September in Kingsport, TN. A huge outdoor festival spanning several city blocks with one kick ass biergarden. I go every year.

Knox Brew Fest- Held each year at the Southern Railway station on the edge of downtown. This is Knoxville’s Summer craft beer festival and the official closer of Knoxville Craft Beer Week.

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