Drinking Buddies

I figured I’d make a page with links to all my favorite people, places and things.

Places I drink (updatd May 2023)

Alliance Brewing Company – I love this place, the people and the beer. In my opinion, it’s the only brewery in Knoxville worth a damn.

Central Flats and Taps– A great spot for craft beer drinking in Knoxville. Located in the Happy Holler district, they have an incredible staff, top notch food and host a weekly Thursday night run. It also helps that many of my friends in the beer industry such as brewery and distributor staff hang out there. With that sort of regular clientele, you know there are going to have one of the best beer selections in town.

Downtown Grill and Brewery / Woodruff Brewing Company (Downtown Knoxville) THIS use to be my home away from home. They brew traditional English and German style ales. I really like the staff, the food and the beer. When I go Downtown in Knoxville, it’s here. Upstairs is where I’ll be.

The Bistro at the Bijou (Downtown Knoxville). My favorite part about the Bistro is their Saturday and Sunday morning brunch. I think they have the best brunch in Knoxville. They also have a bar. It’s another place that I’ll go to every once in a while for a beer.  Cool place with great decor.


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