I still have this site? It’s been over 4 years since I’ve posted.

Update 10.10.2021

I left Fanatic Company after 6 years and made sure my duties were in good hands. I miss Marty and the whole crew over there and should visit more than I do.

I left to come back to the production side of things. The timing worked out as my friend (and former homebrew buddy Aaron McClain) expanded Crafty Bastard Brewery into a 2nd location and production facility. My friend (and technically supervisor), Carl built out a 15 bbl brewhouse purchased from Salty Nut in Huntville, AL. It was disassembled, trucked and reassembled mostly by Carl. By the times things were up and running, I was eager to return to work after the pandemic. I’ve been telling Aaron for years whenever we would hang out, go on the river, etc that I would come to work for him anytime. Once the brewhouse was up and running, Carl needed help and preferably experienced help. I was already doing the pre-opening landscaping so I got the job. Being engaged to the Front of house manager, Leslie probably helped as well, lol.

Anyway, I’ve been here since July and I love it. I’m back working a job I love with people I respect. It’s hard physically exhausting labor with long hours sometimes and it’s good for my soul.

Anyway, I’m keeping this domain for the grandfathered in email that I have with it. Ratchet@ratchetbrews.com Feel free to holla, unless you’re a scammer or a bot in that case you can rightfully fuck right off.


Wow, i just randomly looked to see if this was still active and to my surprise it is.

Basically, I’m mostly retired from the beer scene. My girlfriend Leslie is a manager at Crafty Bastard Brewing and I do social Media for Fanatic Brewing company. I still visit breweries when I vacation and I still love craft beer, I’m just not obsessed with it as I was.

My main thing  I do now is the low power FM Radio station that I have a show on. WOZO 103.9 FM in Knoxville (where I live). Check it out at wozoradio.com and look for my Dj page.

My son has a job, his driver’s license and a car. In just a couple of years he’ll be off to college.

That’s all to report. I’ll check this website again in a few years when I remember it. Cheers!

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