A way overdue blog post

I’ve been meaning to update this Blog for over a week now to let everyone know how the brewing workshop went.
 Let me give some background on how this workshop came about. I was texting one drunk evening w/ my friend,  Pardo, who is currently an organizer at the Fourth & Gill Community Center.  We talked about doing a homebrew workshop for beginners. We picked a date a month in advance, and that was that. The one condition that I insisted on was that the community center pay for the ingredients so that we could order them in time. As started getting closer to the date, Pardo set up a Facebook event page and sent the information to be published in the Metro Pulse. Well as we kept getting closer to the date & I had yet to receive the money needed to order the supplies. At that point, my money was wrapped up in the Homebrew Club’s BAMO, so I did not have the funds to order them myself. I wasn’t feeling well & after a lot of discussion, I cancelled the Facebook event listing a week ahead. I didn’t have the money for supplies, Pardo said he didn’t have/ couldn’t get the money for supplies, so there wasn’t a point in going forward. At that point there were several dozen people who claimed they were attending on the Facebook event page. Well a week ahead of time, the money materialized. Pardo set up another event listing. By that point, the damage was done. People had thought it was cancelled, and when it showed back up, I guess they lost their enthusiam for the worskshop.

   We had about 10 people show up. My buddy Shane who is also a member of the homebrew club brought some beer as well. I thought his RyePA was very tasty. He gave me his recipe, and I look forward to brewing it one day. We brewed a basic American Wheat beer at the workshop. We used extract to make the beer, so it didn’t take all that long. We did an ice bath to chill the wort. After we were done brewing, Dj Wigs spun some awesome tunes as the night went along. Someone else ordered pizza.

All in all, despite the low attendance, the workshop was a success. There is currently 10 gallons of beer waiting to go into a secondary fermenter. Eventually we will have a tasting or some other type of event at the 4th & Gill Community Center with the finished product.

Here is a link to the Home Brewer’s Mix that Dj Wigs recorded and put online. Feel free to download. http://www.mediafire.com/?k41q2d5mmd5fda6

Here are some pictures. Click to embiggen:

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