A message from the bottling elf.

Yesterday afterwork I bottled and kegged my Citra Hopped Pale Ale. I can not wait until it’s cold, carbonated and conditioned. It was so incredibly tasty. I know that this is a recipe I will make time and time again. According to my gravity readings, it is at a respectable 5.85% ABV. Since I made 10 gallons, I kegged half and bottled half. I can’t bottle without my bottling elf, Orion. He loves to help his daddy bottle beer, and he even has his own bottle capper. If he found out that I went ahead and bottled without him, he would be upset. So I got everything ready and called him over. He was capping the bottles as fast as I could fill them. Afterwards he insisted that I take a short video on my iPhone and post it to YouTube.  Here is what he wanted to say:

On another note, I also moved my Russian Imperial Stout from the primary to the secondary fermenters. Of course I tasted it and WOW, this is a big beer. According to calculations, it’s at 8.55% ABV and still has 4 weeks in the secondary before it gets kegged and bottled. I’m going to enter it in The Tennessee  Valley Homebrewers 2011 Homebruin Cup competition. I’m going to dedicate a whole post about this competition very soon.

Also, THIS is going down next Friday, expect a post about it as well.

I’ll be back soon.

Cheers, Ratchet

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