Now is a great time to join the local homebrew club.

Hey Y’all. As you may or may not know, there is a local Homebrew club that I am a member of. It’s called the Tennessee Valley Homebrewers. It’s made up of a bunch of people who are passionate about their hobby and about craft beer in general. The club usually has an official meeting once a month, and sometimes someone will call an “emergency” meeting through our email list. Emergency meeting is code for showing up and drinking beer. Our official meetings are usually brew-outs or tasting at different members home. Our big yearly event is the Knoxville Brewers Jam where we do a lot of the grunt work, and then pour different beers that members contribute at our tent at the event. The grunt work consist mostly of drinking with bouts of moving kegs, followed by more drinking. It’s not too bad a gig.

The other cool thing about the club that we do is called a BAMO. Which stands for Big Ass Malt Order. As a club we pick the bulk malts we want from an online catalog. We collectively get a pallet of grains that gets delivered and we get it at wholesale. This is a pretty big deal for people who spend a lot of money to buy ingredients. With BAMO it is so much less. I usually get 55 sacks of good quality base malt for between .51 to .79 cents per pound. Seriously, it’s a crazy good deal.

To participate in BAMO, you got to be a member though. It’s only 25 bucks a year, and well worth it . You’ll get put on our email list, access to our Facebook Group and much more. Details are here.



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