I really want to go to BEER CAMP!

July 6, 2011

So I learned of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Beer Camp contest, I just had to put together an entry. After checking the rules, I put together a short video that is linked below. The judges of the contest are looking for creative entries that are under 2 minutes. I didn’t catch the 2 minute part until after I put togther a 4 minute video. After some creative editing I got it down to exactly 1:59:56, right under the mark.

I really hope I win. If you check the website you’ll see what “Beer Camp” is all about. The judges pick 20 Home Brewers (10 from California, and 10 from the rest of the country) to come to the mainplant in Chico Clifornia. They also give the winners a $1000 Visa gift card to help pay for their travel & lodging.

So, can y’all do me a favor? I don’t know if Facebook “likes” influence the judges in any way, but it can’t hurt. Will you please click this link that goes directly to the video hosted on Sierra Nevada’s website. Once there, click the like button. Get all your friends to do the same. Help send me to Beer Camp. Please and thank you. CLICK HERE FOR LINK.


Cheers, Ratchet