Have a safe and Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day everyone. I’m going to head downtown, get a beer at Downtown Grill and Brewery and then head over to World’s Fair Park with my little one to watch the fireworks. I hope everyone is having a good holiday and that no one has blown off any fingers playing with fireworks.

Last night I watched a couple of movies while drinking some Kolsh from Chattanooga Brewing Company. They were kind enough to let me fill a growler while I was working the Knoxville Brewfest last weekend. It was very good. It is a beer that I would not mind taking camping with me on a hot summer’s day.

Today I moved my Citra hopped American Pale Ale to the secondary fermenters. I took the gravity reading and tasted some. This beer is going to be damn good once it’s ready. The citra hops really stood out. According to my gravity readings, it’s currently at 5.5% abv. I’m going to give it a week in the secondary and then I am going to bottle half (about fifty 12 ounce bottles) and keg the other half. After that I figured, since it’s a holiday, I could open my growler of Bluegrass Brewing Company’s American Pale Ale, also procured at brewfest last week. I find it to be very tasty. I live a block away from Comics Exchange where my buddy works, so I brought him a glass. Currently sipping as I update this blog using their wifi.

I was planning on doing Bearden Beer Market’s weekly fun run tonight, but alas, it’s not to be. The whole idea was that the running crew was going to go from the beer market to World’s Fair Park. I was looking forward to this, but my little one’s mom doesn’t want to bring him to the fireworks, so that responsibility falls on me. The kid loves his fireworks, and  can’t say that I blame him.

I’m going to head home, eat some lunch, watch another movie to make sure I’m 100% sober to drive downtown for the fireworks.

Everyone, enjoy your holiday. Here’s a link to a video of me recorded last year, talking about Independence Day in a nutshell.


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